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“The course met more than met my expectations, it’s been so funny, we’ve laughed, we’ve transformed, it’s been amazing. I expect I am going to triple my income through doing this course. Before I felt like I was working with a couple of chisels, and now I have this whole tool box…it’s fantastic, thank you.”
Julie Rice
“After completing other NLP courses I began to hear about Alistair and the fact that this course really was in a different league. This course surpassed my extremely high expectations… The course content was extraordinary ! Other NLP practitioner courses that I had done just left me with an unsettled feeling, they made it feel “hocus pocus” and not real world based. Alistair makes NLP (and of course hypnosis and coaching) very tangible, very useable and very very enjoyable. I am now helping others with anxiety, smoking, fertility, phobias!”
Owner - Curves Gym
Alistair's method of teaching and the quality of the material are exceptional. I feel like I have everything I need to bring about rapid change for people because I just need to deliver the tools I was taught and the results are as promised. I saw 9 clients last week so I can also see that my investment in the training will be returned in no time.
Lady Jennie Fenwick
Therapist and Environmentalist
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