I want to thank you for one of the finest educational experiences of my entire career that exceeds 40 years. You are a credit to all who are fortunate enough to be one of your students. As a medical and mental health professional, I am inherently skeptical of any educational course advertisement I read no matter how laudatory or how well recommended it may be. Your course far exceeded my expectations and squelched every ounce of skepticism before the end of the first day.
Dr Alan Brast
American Psychological Association
Wow! How to go from Learning, Knowing & Doing to BEING? Do this training. I had learned, I had trained…(yes, Tony Robbins and all the so called big name providers etc.) yet it was still not a part of me. Now? I am enjoying exactly who I want to be .. doing exactly what I want to do. You cannot afford not to work with this man. I found my north, pursued my dreams, became a coach and created the life I wanted.

James Lavers
Through Alistair's advise and coaching I was able to save millions of dollars on a business deal. As a result I hired him as my personal and business advisor. With his guidance and feedback I was able to make accurate and confident decisions, hire one of the best teams in the world and build a multi-million dollar software business in just a few years. I highly recommend you work with this man, it's a very, very different experience to your standard coach.
Michael Schmitz
Amulet Technologies
"Alistair’s trainings and workshops have been invaluable for me personally and for the company as a team. Filled with powerful, applicable and real-world psychology it's enhanced our team’s influence and our company’s ability to communicate. When it comes to understanding people, the brain, behaviour and how it all comes together... Alistair’s the king!”
Ashton Bishop/ CEO
I have encountered many teachers and masters” of the” science of mind/body, however I found Alistair to be in a league all of his own. Equipped with outrageous humour and an infectious spirit Alistair inspired quite unexpected changes in both my personal and professional life. Seek out where this man is training, travel between countries if you must but track him down, and when you do – sit down, strap in, and pay attention. It was an honour to be trained by someone of his caliber, a rare find indeed.”
Jade Clark
White Owl Clinic
Alistair’s services to our company have been exceptional and have transformed our business. He facilited our organisation becoming a market leader in our sector. He Coached our sales team to record sales levels in a 12 month period enabling a 100% increase in net profit. Part of his strategy was the personal development of key employees in times of need including assisting staff to overcome depression, anxiety, and other personal challenges to enable peak performance. 

Rob Holt
The Book House
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