Retreat Overview

Get inspired to take your life to it’s next level.

A mix of self development, health, inner alignment, great food, relaxation, connection, laughter and transformative experiences.

Stunning nature, waterfalls, sunsets, sunrises, fires, delicious food, beautiful accomodation and great company.

3 days to reflect, enhance and re-invigorate.

Discover new ways of living more fully in the 4 domains of  life: Self, Body, Relationships and Work.

Enjoy movement, change-work and self development during the day and organic wines, delicious food, laughter and life enhancing talks around the fire in the evening.

Make meaningful and profound adjustments to the most important areas of life while also relaxing and taking time to re-centre.


Experiential exercises to free up the mind and brain to allow more vitality, clarity and awareness. Holotropic breathing, Subconscious Narrative Therapy, NLP and Hypnosis will be utilised and explored for drug free, powerful transformative experiences in personal consciousness. 

Enjoy new ways of thinking about yourself based on evolutionary psychology and biology and remove the barriers to living as fully as you can.


On the retreat we will explore how to get into deep health in the most efficient, rewarding and enjoyable ways. The latest research on nutrition and movement will be shared and experienced with a focus on achieving superior metabolic health. There will be a talk by a top nutritional health coach on metabolic health

There will be a morning workout out using the latest approaches to rapid physical transformations.


Exploring ways to optimise our relationships with others, be that our current partner, family, friends, work colleagues or clients. Relationships more than anything, both take or give to our overall life resources or time, energy and money. Leveling up in this area is fundamental to leading our best life.

Experience powerful new ways of thinking about relationships and communication based on evolutionary psychology and biology and remove the barriers to creating relationships of success in every context of life.


Take the time to look at your current work and financial  situation through some powerful and focused coaching tools. Get clarity on what your next best work/business/financial move is and map out the steps that will take this area of your life to it’s next level.

Align money and meaning, security and growth and move into freedom and power. 


The Food Unlike many retreats that advocate vegan food and nutritional austerity as part of the plan... this retreat won't. The food will be organic animal based (with all supporting research) and we will definitely enjoy fine organic wines and delicious seasonal fruit, honey and some veggies. (If you are plant based we can accomodate and potentially assist with helping you become an even more nutritionally sound version of your self )


Depending on where we hold the retreat, you will have different accomodation options.

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