4 domains coaching membership



Your self encompasses your brain, mind, personal philosophy, spirituality, values, beliefs and attitudes. Get your self clear and optimised. Only then are you in a position to live fully. Living from your true inner north, empowered, aligned, strong and living your full potential. This what we will be working towards.


Your body is the physical vehicle that moves you through life. Diet and movement need to be dialled in so that you are strong, flexible and full of life force. Get your health, fitness and body on point. The prize goes to the person with the most life force and vitality. This is what we will be working towards.


Relationships are the single most important factor in life. Our ability to relate successfully to ourself, others, family, clients and customers and our significant other defines our success. Learn how to relate with confidence and power. Not be a sucker and instead be aware and wise. This is what we will be working towards.


Work needs to be meaningful and capable of providing us with the resources we need to live as we wish to live. The aim is to achieve ‘fuck you’ money. This is when we are not beholden to a boss or government to dictate how or where we live or the manner in which we live. This is what you will be working towards.


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