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Alistair Horscroft

Alistair is one of the most successful NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coach trainers in Australia. Having amassed an extraordinary body of success including presenting his own Discovery Channel TV series, creating programs for the long term unemployed, the Taronga Zoo Fearless Program and creating the government accredited diploma in Modern Psychology.

He has coached world champions, genuine billionaires and CEO’s from some of the worlds leading companies.

He is a true self made man, having come from  very difficult beginnings to create a successful and fulfilled life for himself as well as helping thousands do the same for themselves.

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Craig Jamison

Craig has built successful clinics in Sydney and the Sunshine Coast. A family man at heart, he uses his extraordinary knowledge to help others heal and succeed.

Craig is someone who truly used NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching to not only transform other peoples lives, but also his own.

From humble beginnings, and a first career as a butcher, he wanted more… stepped up and now lives life his way… mainly on the beach with his wife, daughter and dog !

He is co-owner of The Mind Academy.

Julie Robinson

Julie is quite simply an inspiration. Always smiling, always laughing and always traveling !

Incredibly experienced, Julie has specialised in children and athletes.

She has coached members of the Olympic Swimming Team and can be found being the commentator on state and national swim meets.

Julie solo adventures across Australia (sometimes letting her husband join her) and has used NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy to create a life of freedom and fun for herself.

She also has two children who also trained with the Mind Academy and are now creating their dream lives…

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